C12373 - ICA: investigation launched to assess the Nexi-Sia merger


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According to the Authority, the merger operation could entail the new entity obtaining a dominant position in the field of digital payments

The Italian Competition Authority has opened an investigation to assess the merger by incorporation of SIA S.p.A. into Nexi S.p.A. The merger involves different operators both from demand side and supply side perspective and concerns numerous areas of the digital payments sector, in particular the services of merchant acquiring, processing, issuing payment cards, retail payment clearing, transmission of interbank data, as well as services for the supply and maintenance of ATMs.

According to the Authority, the merger of SIA S.p.A. into Nexi S.p.A. could therefore lead to the creation or to the strengthening of a dominant position by the new entity with horizontal effects, as well as vertical and conglomerate effects.

Rome, 3 September 2021