PS12073 - ICA: 1 million euro fine imposed on Sky Italia for misleading information on Football package


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According to the Authority, the company a year ago mistakenly suggested to its subscribers that they could continue to watch the matches of the Serie A championship as happened in the previous season.

The Italian Competition Authority has closed an investigation against Sky Italia S.r.l., imposing a fine of 1 million euro on the company for disseminating misleading information on the awarding of TV rights to football matches in the Serie A football championship.

The Authority ascertained that Sky Italia, in breach of Article 21 of the Consumer Code, in the Spring of 2021 described a situation of uncertainty regarding the award of Series A TV rights, suggesting the possibility for its subscribers to continue to benefit from the contents of the Series A championship, as happened in the previous season​.

Indeed, after the tender for the assignment of exclusive TV rights for seven Serie A matches for each day was concluded, Sky Italia was aware that it could not offer the Sky Football package with the previous composition. Nevertheless, the company provided its customers with information that did not allow them to understand the actual content of the offer relating to the Sky Football package for the 2021/2022 season, hinting at the possibility that the offer could remain unchanged compared to the past.

It was only with a campaign ended on 1 July 2021 that Sky Italia finally sent individual communications addressed to all subscribers on the new configuration of the Football package, to provide timely and effective information on the actual contents of the football offer.

The customers that had already subscribed to the company's services, and in particular to the Football package, were therefore induced to renew the package, so as to be able to take advantage of the discount promised for the summer months as well as of the possibility to withdraw later on without paying any penalty.

Rome, 11 March 2022