Italian Competition Authority: memorandum of understanding on legality rating. Meeting between Chairman Rustichelli and General Luzi


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The Chairman of the Italian Competition Authority, Roberto Rustichelli, and the Commander-General of the Carabinieri, Teo Luzi, met at the Carabinieri General Headquarters, almost two years after signing the Memorandum of Understanding on the Legality Rating in November 2020.

This was a favourable occasion to comment on the positive implementation of the Memorandum. Indeed, as a result of strengthening cooperation with the Carabinieri, and thanks to the high professionalism of its staff, the Italian Competition Authority is able to make the necessary assessments for assigning the Legality Rating in a more thorough, reliable and rapid manner.

The Legality Rating, issued by the AGCM, is a recognition that strengthens the reputation of the economic operators that obtain it, giving virtuous companies the right to access benefits when they request public or bank funding and when they participate in public procurement tenders.

The signed memorandum sets out -as areas of cooperation- the exchange of information for the release, renewal, downgrading and revocation of the Legality Rating; moreover, it allows the organisation of reciprocal training activities in matters of common interest and, finally, facilitates the exchange of best practices and lessons learned.

There are currently almost 10 thousand companies that have obtained the Legality Rating and, from the implementation of the Memorandum to date, there has been an effective collaboration with the Carabinieri in almost 9,000 cases.

The Memorandum of Understanding on the Legality Rating, which has a duration of five years, is an example of synergy in the Public Administration and  effective cooperation among institutions to the benefit of the business community.

Rome, 27 September 2022