PS12343 - Italian Competition Authority has commenced an investigation against Arval Service Lease Italia S.p.A. for alleged misleading and aggressive practices  


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The Authority will assess the behaviour of the company with regard to the service of long-term car rental for consumers and micro-enterprises

The Italian Competition Authority has commenced investigation proceedings against Arval Service Lease Italia S.p.A., a company operating in the long-term car rental, for alleged misleading and aggressive practices.

The considerable delays - reported by consumers and consumer associations - with which the company allegedly hands over the ordered vehicles, in spite of the advances and deposits regularly paid, are currently under the scrutiny of the Authority. In some cases, handover allegedly takes place many months after the scheduled date, even in case of vehicles presented as readily available, or with fast and guaranteed handover.

Furthermore, the delayed reimbursement of the consideration paid by consumers as a result of the termination of the contract and/or withdrawal, the application of high penalties in the event of terminating the contract, and the failed or inadequate management of complaints and consumer requests may prove unfair. This conduct as a whole appears likely to constitute unfair commercial practices, in breach of Articles 20, 21, 22, 24 and 25 of the Consumer Code.

Finally, Arval may also have violated Articles 49, paragraph 1, letters h) and v), 56 and 61 of the Consumer Code because it has failed to provide some pre-contractual information regarding the conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal and the possibility of using out-of-court settlement for any disputes that may have arisen.

Yesterday, officials of the Italian Competition Authority carried out inspections on the premises of Arval Service Lease Italia S.p.A. with the assistance of the Special Antitrust Unit of the Italian Finance Police (Guardia di Finanza).

Rome, 16 September 2022