PS12504 - Italian Competition Authority: and websites closed for failing to deliver products sold online


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The Authority received numerous complaints from consumers about them making purchases without receiving goods or refunds or even assistance.

The Italian Competition Authority has adopted an interim decision against Tomorrowland S.r.l. and Pet Clan S.r.l., which operate through the domains and respectively.

The intervention of the Italian Competition Authority took place after ex officio verification and numerous complaints from consumers about them making purchases on these websites without receiving the goods or refunds or any other form of assistance.

For this reason, the Italian Competition Authority informed the companies on February 15th about the commencement of investigation proceedings and the interim sub-proceedings, after considering that the conduct was still ongoing and dangerous. Tomorrowland s.r.l. and Pet Clan s.r.l. have not sent any defensive pleadings or documents, thus the Italian Competition Authority ordered, as an interim measure, the suspension of the illegal conduct, constituted mainly by failure to deliver the purchased goods and failure to assist or refund consumers. In the same decision, the Italian Competition Authority ordered that access to the websites and be prevented, being such websites conducive to the illegal conduct; for this reason, it requested cooperation from the Antitrust Unit of the Guardia di Finanza (the Italian Finance Police).


Rome, 7 March 2023