PS12515 - Italian Competition Authority: Mondo Convenienza fined for over 3 million euro


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The company that owns the brand delivered incomplete products or products which did not match orders and hindered consumers who complained or requested assistance.

The Italian Competition Authority has imposed a fine of 3.2 million euro on Iris Mobili S.r.l., owner of the Mondo Convenienza brand. The company adopted unlawful conducts in the delivery and assembly of furnitures and furnishings and obstructed consumers in the use of after-sales services.

Although aware of the high number of deliveries of incomplete products and products which did not match orders or that weren’t in perfect conditions, the company did not adopt suitable behaviours to resolve those issues, thus breaching its obligation of professional diligence as provided for by the Consumer Code. In addition, it obstructed the rights of consumers by setting restrictive time limits for complaints and restrictions on the right to obtain a replacement of the products or a refund of the amount paid.

In this way, Mondo Convenienza considerably limited consumers’ freedom of choice.

These infringements concern an important stage in the consumer relationship or the proper execution of the sales contract; specifically, the complete and correct delivery of the item(s) purchased, the provision of an after-sales service, a refund in the event of withdrawal and the provision of compensatory measures for any inconvenience suffered by consumers.

Rome, 28 March 2024