What the Authority is

The Italian Competition Authority is an administrative independent Authority, established by Law no. 287 of 10 October 1990 ("The Competition and Fair Trading Act", hereinafter “the Act”), which introduced antitrust rules in Italy. Subsequent laws endowed it with additional powers, the most important of which concern the repression of unfair commercial practices, misleading and unlawful comparative advertising and the application of conflict of interests laws to government-office holders. Being an independent Authority it has the status of a public agency whose decisions are taken on the basis of the Act without any possibility of interference by the Government.

The Authority's independence is reinforced by the appointment procedures and prerequisites of its Chairman and three Members. They remain in office for a seven-year non-renewable term and are jointly appointed by the Presidents of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate. The prerequisites for the Chairman include a reputation for independence and service in other high-level institutional positions. The Members are selected among the magistrates of the State Council, the Court of Auditors and the Court of Appeals, full university professors of economics or jurisprudence and outstanding personalities from the economic sector with impeccable reputations.

This collegial body (the Board) makes its decisions by majority rule.

This Board currently consists of the Chairman, Roberto Rustichelli (appointed on 06 May 2016) and two Members: Elisabetta Iossa (appointed on 01 February 2022) and Saverio Valentino (appointed on 13 June 2023).

The Secretary General of the Antitrust Authority supervises operational and office management.


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