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20/09/2023 A568 - ICA: the AGCM investigates Ryanair for an alleged abuse of dominant position
18/09/2023 A567 - ICA: investigation opened into alleged abuse of dominant position by Bosch
11/08/2023 Italian Competition Authority: inquiry launched in the taxi sector
31/07/2023 A552 - Italian Competition Authority: Following the Authority's intervention, Google's data portability becomes easier
26/07/2023 PS12558 - Italian Competition Authority: investigation launched into Verisure alarm systems
19/07/2023 I864 - ICA: investigation initiated vis-à-vis Eni, Esso, Ip, Iplom, Q8, Tamoil and Saras for alleged cartel in the motor fuels sector
19/07/2023 PS12506 - Italian Competition Authority: proceedings commenced against Balocco S.p.A. Industria Dolciaria extended to Fenice S.r.l. and TBS Crew S.r.l
19/07/2023 I801AB - Italian Competition Authority: non-compliance proceedings initiated against Radiotaxi 3570
18/07/2023 PS12603 - ICA: investigation launched into ticket sales service for the Colosseum Archaeological Park
17/07/2023 PS12313 - Italian Competition Authority: eToro fined 1.3 million euro for misleading advertising

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