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12/05/2020 C12287 - ICA: Investigation launched in relation to the Intesa Sanpaolo - UBI merger
07/05/2020 DS2620 - ICA: Coronavirus emergency, investigation launched into price increases for food and detergents, disinfectants and gloves  
04/05/2020 IP333 - ICA: opening of a non-compliance proceedings against Compass
29/04/2020 PS11752 - ICA: Antitrust acts to prevent online unfair practices: proceedings against, for the sale of Covid-19 prevention and diagnostic products
27/04/2020 PS11400 - ICA: ENI stops misleading advertising of ENI diesel+ fuel  
24/04/2020 ICA: Notice on cooperation agreements between businesses within the framework of the coronavirus emergency
21/04/2020 PS11746 - ICA-Authority asks the operators of the major search engines and browsers to take action against unauthorised online sales of COVID-19 drugs  
17/04/2020 DC9877 - ICA: coronavirus emergency, inquiry launched following reports by the Lazio Region against Roman private health facilities and testing laboratories advertising CoVid-19 antibody tests
14/04/2020 IP332 - ICA: Sixthcontinent, infringement proceedings launched for failure to comply with the interim measures ordered by the Authority
10/04/2020 PS11736 - ICA: promotion and sales suspended on the site of masks that differ from the ones advertised and are not available for delivery within the specified time frame

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