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23/07/2020 PS11785 - ICA: investigation launched against Poltronesofà for alleged case of unfair commercial practice
22/07/2020 I842 - ICA: investigation launched against Apple and Amazon for banning the sale of Apple- and Beats-branded products to retailers who do not join the official programme
20/07/2020 CV220-CV221 - ICA: two investigations launched against the Brescia and Lecce football teams for unfair clauses in season ticket contracts
16/07/2020 C12287 - ICA: acquisition of Ubi Banca by Intesa Sanpaolo authorised with conditions
10/07/2020 PS11824 - ICA: Investigation launched against Trotec International for advertising “Anti-Covid 19” air purification products. Removal from the websites ordered, as a precautionary measure, of all references to the preventive effectiveness of the devices
09/07/2020 I840 - Antitrust: obstructions against free arenas, interim measures for Anica, Anec and Anec Lazio to remove disputed behaviour  
08/07/2020 S3904 - ICA: removing obstacles to the development of the  ultra-wide bands. Report to Parliament, the Government, AGCOM and ANCI  
07/07/2020 S3940 - ICA: report to Parliament and the Government on Relaunch Decree issues  
03/07/2020 PS11820-PS11821 - ICA: proceedings launched against Alitalia and Volotea for the sale of journeys cancelled due to coronavirus  
25/06/2020 PS11737 - ICA: investigation launched against Flixbus for the sale of journeys cancelled due to Coronavirus

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