Maria Tuccillo


Head of Cabinet

Maria Tuccillo (born 1975) is an Ordinary Judge and an expert in the fields of private enforcement antitrust law, public procurement, intellectual property rights and corporate law. 

After graduating cum laude in Law from the Federico II University of Naples in 2000, she won the selection procedure for the Legislative Office of the General Directorate of Military Personnel of the Ministry of Defence in 2003. 

She was admitted to the bar in 2004 and won the selection procedure for the judiciary in the same year. By Ministerial Decree of 19 October 2004, she was appointed an Ordinary Judge.  

She worked as a civil judge first at the Court of Foggia and then at the Court of Naples, where she has also worked as a reference judge for information technology (MAGRIF) since 2017. 

Since 2012, she has been a judge at the Court of Enterprises of Naples. In fulfilling this position, she has dealt with: 

  • Private enforcement antitrust proceedings including i) actions for invalidity and damages concerning sureties provided as guarantees for banking transactions (so-called omnibus sureties); ii) actions for damages arising from decisions of the European Commission (DG Competition) pursuant to Art. 101 TFEU; iii) actions for damages brought against consortia for abuse of a dominant position; iv) actions for the nullity of banking contracts on grounds of the incompatibility with mandatory rules of clauses providing for the use of Euribor as a parameter for determining the interest rate applicable to variable-rate mortgages, derivatives, bank and corporate bonds and debentures;
  • Disputes concerning public contracts above the European thresholds;
  • Industrial property rights proceedings, in particular with regard to trademark and patent infringements.

She was the key contact for the Court of Enterprises of Naples in the implementation of the cooperation agreement with the international platform DARTS IP in the field of intellectual property rights. 

Lecturer at the Specialisation School for Legal Professions at the University Federico II of Naples for the academic years 2016- 2017 and 2017- 2018 in relation to the modules Commercial Law, Business Law and Intellectual Property Rights.  

Appointed several times as a member of the Commission for the State Examination for the Admission to the Bar of the Court of Appeal of Naples (years 2016-2017/2019- 2020). 

Participated in the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) programme at the Court of Justice of the European Union in 2017, as well as at the Court of Prague in 2019. As part of the same programme, she participated in the course "Antitrust economics for judges" organised by the Italian Competition Authority with the School for the Judiciary and the Council of State (2016). 

Speaker at the training seminars for Ordinary Judges in Training, organised by the School for the Judiciary at the Court of Naples and the Court of Salerno, on the topics of Competition Law and Private Enforcement and Intellectual Property Law in 2020. 

She has spoken at numerous conferences on corporate and intellectual property law, also at national level. Author of numerous judgments published in the leading journals on antitrust, intellectual property and corporate law.    

Author of numerous articles published in journals specialising in commercial, corporate and intellectual property law. 

She was appointed as the Authority's Head of Cabinet on 22 March 2021.